Terms and Conditions

  • The package mentioned above is dedicated to patients interested in Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

  • 3300€/2900£ worth Gastric Sleeve Surgery Package includes; the surgery itself

  • Flight tickets

  • medical checkups and tests before and after the surgery,

  • accommodations in luxurious hotels and Hospital,

  • pain killers,

  • consultation with the dietitian for a customized diet and exercise plan to follow for better results,

  • VIP transfers during all the stages of the journey,

  • guide who speaks your language who will be assisting you within the stay,

  • Also if bring a companion it is included

  • A right to a life time online consultation as well.

  • The total stay in Türkiye is 5 nights (6days).

  • To confirm the reservation 25% of the total amount as a deposit is prepaid through an online secured payment link.

  • There are no limitations regarding the airline company the tickets are bought from.

  • Mita health group will be managing your flight both ways.

  • The payment of the balance is made until the patient arrives to Türkiye and settles in Euros, Pounds or Dollars.

  • The patient interested in the package is invited to declare that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions.


Gastric Sleeve

A laparoscope is nearly always used during gastric sleeve surgery as a minimally invasive technique. This entails making numerous tiny incisions in your abdomen to implant a lengthy, thin tube. This tube has several instruments, a light, and a tiny camera attached to it.


Gastric Balloon

A silicone balloon filled with saline is inserted into your stomach as part of the gastric balloon weight-loss procedure. By limiting how much you can eat and hastening the feeling of fullness, this aids in weight loss.


Gastric Injection

A simple and efficient endoscopic procedure for weight loss is gastric injection. This has an impact on the stomach muscles and slows down food digestion in the stomach. As a result, the feeling of being full lasts longer since the stomach takes longer to digest the food.


Gastric Bypass

A type of weight-loss surgery known as a gastric bypass entails cutting a tiny pouch out of the stomach and attaching it directly to the small intestine. Following a gastric bypass, eaten food will travel through this little pouch of the stomach and into the small intestine, skipping most of the stomach and the first part of the small intestine in the process.