Foods that ensure long-term fullness while on a diet


Foods should be eaten in reasonable servings, while you are on a diet. Old eating habits will challenge your adaptation to this fact. The foods that ensure long-term fullness will help you cope with this problem during a diet.

Eat below mentioned 10 foods while you are on a diet

Dieting is a serious challenge that requires devotion and determination. Exercise and reasonably sized servings play a major role in this process. Certain foods help weight loss by keeping you full, although they are eaten in low amounts. The foods you eat to lose weight should contain fewer calories, while they should ensure the fullness by covering a larger part of the stomach and staying there for a longer time. Amounts of fibers and protein in a certain food, volume of the food and its fluid content are major factors that dictate the feeling of fullness. Here are the 10 foods that keep you full for a longer time…



Egg has a strong effect on feeling of fullness, but it is also nutritious and a miracle food that contains high amount of protein. A full egg contains all the nine amino acids that cannot be synthesized by your body and digestion of these amino acids activates secretion of hormones that are secreted by your digestive tract and suppress the appetite.


Oat meal

Oat meal is a whole-wheat that has a strong capability to keep you full due to high fiber content and high water absorption capacity. The soluble fibers contained by the oat, such as beta-glucan, absorb the water in your stomach and keep you full for a longer time by delaying the gastric emptying.


Low-fat meats

Proteins are the macro-nutrients that are abundantly available in meat, chicken, turkey and fish and they maximize the duration of fullness by affecting the satiety hormones, such as ghrelin and GLP-1. Since low-fat meat, brisket of chicken/turkey and fish contain high amount of protein and scarce fat, you feel full for a longer time.


Sweet Potato

Do you know that one bowl of boiled or baked potato is identical to one thin slice of bread in terms of calorie? Sweet potato is rich in antioxidants and it helps feel full for a longer time and eat less in the next meal relative to other foods with same energy content due to its high content of water and pulp.


Dry legumes

Dry legumes (i.e., chickpea, white bean, lentil and cow pea) are sources of herbal protein and they are very potent dietary guns to make the dieter feel full. They are rich in pulp and protein. Moreover, the glucose content is absorbed into the bloodstream due to their resistant starch content relative to other carbohydrates.


Leafy green vegetables and sulphur-rich vegetables

Content of pulp and water is high in leafy green vegetables, especially such as spinach, garden rocket and parsley, and sulphur-rich vegetables, such as cabbage and broccoli. These vegetables are voluminous, but contain very low calorie, and thus, they are among major foods that play an important role in leaning and feeling full. Since it takes time to chew vegetables, eating time prolongs and thus, we feel full more, although we take fewer calories in a longer interval.


Pineapple, apple and orange

Since fruits contain too much water and pulp, they cover a larger area in the stomach and contribute to the feeling of fullness relative to fruit juices or desserts with same calorie. Particularly, pineapple, apple and orange are rich in fiber and water, while their satiety index is also high. You can eat more fibers and feel full for longer, if you wash apple, but you do not peel it or if you peel the orange carefully to eat the white fiberous layer beneath the skin.



Yoghurt is a good source of protein, it also helps thinning the waist circumference and feeling full for longer thanks to the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) it contains. Studies have revealed out that waist circumference is thinner and body mass index is lower in people who eat yoghurt regularly.


Buckwheat, quinoa and cracked wheat

The whole grains, such as buckwheat, quinoa and cracked wheat, are rich in fiber and contain relatively more protein than other grains. The whole grains have low glycemic index and their fiber content help activation of intestinal hormones that suppress the appetite. They make significant contributions to long-term fullness and weight loss, when they replace the white flour, bread or rice in the diet and servings are reasonably adjusted.


Curd cheese

Curd cheese is a type of cheese characterized by low fat and energy, but high protein. Moreover, curd cheese is an important source of calcium and it helps feeling full for longer and losing weight due to its high protein content and its volume.

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